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This is one of the first things I wanted to talk about, and that is why the idea of the blog came around.


Actually, fuck the whole bunch of them, all those Russian and Eastern European new fascists, from Zenit to the New Bolshevik party. Yes, y’all had something that called itself communism and it sucked. Now capitalism fucking sucks. Question is, what black and brown people had to do with it? That was your own shit, clean it up yourselves.

For those unfamiliar with Zenith and why I’m so angry with them, I little recap. During the UEFA cup earlier this year, Zenit was almost disqualified when, during a game against the Olypique de Marseille, their fans started shouting racist insults to the black player of the Marseille. Also, I’m pretty sure the asshole up in the picture was on that game too. Later on, Dick Advocaat, the dutch coach of Zenit, was quoted saying: “I would like to hire anybody, but the fans don’t like black people.” The repercussion was very bad on Advocaat, but he was only stating the facts.

With poverty running rampant in the Third World and Neo-liberalism making everything a commodity that can be purchased and sold, many countries have considerably heightened a new export: people. While the export and import of labor is not a new phenomenon under capitalism, the heights which it has grown it stupendous.

As far as soccer, about 8,000 people leave Brazil a year to became players in another countries. We hear about the Ronaldinhos and Patos but we don’t hear about the mass of players that every year leave their home country, some of them as young as 12, 13 years old, to play in places like Greeland, Qatar and Russia. We barely hear about what these people go through, like the Brazilian player in Russia that had to endure people spitting on him in the street and being refused service in many restaurants (I’ll tell that too, it wasn’t because of bad performance).

Soccer is major business. But is also a major popular passion. We cannot stand as it becomes a vehicle for the Right to inflame racial hatred and conservatism.