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They’ve taken the game out of our pockets,
They’re filling theirs up and it’s time to stop it
Cost of the tickets has gone through the roof
Hard to afford we’re the living proof
Football clubs taking the piss
Boys like you don’t put up with this
All seater grounds the rucking’s no more
But up at the station we’ll still have a war.”
The Business – Hardcore Hooligan

Ultras are to football what Unions are to capitalism.
The Ultras are our last good chance of returning the game to its real owners: the fans. The “professionalism” that has infected football since the ’40s has slowly eating away the soul of the beautiful game. Now everything is about results. Now everything is about money. Now, everything is the nightmare dreamt by Havelange’s sick, sick mind.Granted, many more sick minds were necessary to transform football and destroy its popular character. The destruction of the terraces and the introduction of individual chairs (in Brazil, having it being mandated by CBF), the ticket price going through the roof, all this combined with fascists organizing in the stadiums of Europe, was making the pitch a very undesireable place to be in.

Many Ultras, specially in Europe, have been in the forefront of anti-fascist organizing, with an incredible success (see, white people, why don’t organize against racism in the white community?). They have been fighting the process of bourgoeisification of the game, even going so far as to create independent teams, like the United of Manchester F.C. or A.F.C. Liverpool.