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This is Emerson


He is doing what most footballers will never be able to do. He is playing for the team he loves.

Trapped in a high-value meat market, most players will never be the millionaires shown in Footballers’ Wives (What? So I watch some corny British series. Leave me alone). They will never be able to make a decision on where they are to be relocated to (their agents take care of that.) The only decision they’ll make is when to quit. If that.

Emerson got lucky. He got tons of money playing in Qatar and was able to pick where he wanted to go. He chose Flamengo, his childhood dream being to wear the red and black colors. Two games, two goals. Look how happy he is.

By the way, capitalism has a way of ruining even the most basic things. Have you noticed how beautiful the jersey is with no horrid corporate logo plastered all over it?