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guerraIn one side. the red, the white and the green. The high noses and the upper-middle classes, the “elite” as they call themselves.

On the other, the slums, the lumpen, the toilers, garbed the red and the black.

In the centre, a chessboard of green, with the 11 pawns furiously attacking and defending, the goalie their king. And yet he is the one that eats the shit.

The battle is beautiful, colorful, wonderful; a game as I have not seen in many, many years. More than once, I thought I was going the have a heart attack.

In the end Fla 1×0 Flu. Fluminense’s goalie, their best player, made miracles, but also made a dumb mistake in an easy ball.The gods of soccer have indeed a sense of humor.

Clad in glum purple, he gives himself a F score.

To win against them always tastes sweeter. As someone in the Flamengonet blog comented: “How delicious it is to destroy the arrogance and overconfidence of the aristocacry. I feel very good and Viva! to the Brazilian People!”


Basketball fans, despair not. Not every great game needs to be high scoring.