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Just a quick post, since it is the third tonight…

A couple of radio shows y’all might interested in checking out.


First is “Echos de Libertad”, put together by comrades down in Los Angeles. It is a show about “radical and anarchist thoughts and feelings through music, discussion and information”. Listen to it live, Fridays at 6-8pm Pacific Time  here or get podcasts here.


The second show is called Under the Blue Banner. It is a incredible accomplishment of my friend and comrade Ian, of herculean proportions – it is a radio show about the San Jose Earthquakes! And it has, like, seven episodes already! I know, I know, the man is hero. So, listen to the show, give him props.

The time is sunday after the game, so check on this Web site and be informed of when is coming up next. They also have podcasts, but you can’t call into the podcast, as I sadly discovered today.

Ok. That’s it. I’m going to go play the Sims 2. (Stop judging me.)