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obama-chosen-oneThis weekend the big news was the rescuing of the Maersk Alabama captain Richard Phillips from captivity by Somali pirates. The USMC took care of the actual rescuing, killing three of the pirates on the way.

I ain’t no pirate lover, but I ain’t no pirate hater either. But this whole incident has sparked the old “USA!USA!USA!” flame, from the guys at my job to the angry liberal, Jon Stewart.

My supervisor even came to me and said: “If it was Bush, he woulda fuck it up somehow.”

As if Obama had been one of the snipers. It was a military operation done by military personnel. Obama was just the guy who said “have at it.”

All this shows a lot about the problem that liberals had with Bush and the Bush administration. It was not a principled opposition to capitalism’s war, or the fundamental injustice of tax breaks for the rich and “trickle-down” economics, but a fear that he would “fuck it up” for those that have a stake on capitalism – or that believe to have.

Obama is the hope of a brainy and “clean” capitalism, a capitalism that can kill thousands of Iraqis, deny Habeas Corpus to prisoners in Afghanistan and continue its militaristic imperial rampage, and all we’ll talk about is the new puppy in the White House – because things are looking up for us.

A sniper capitalism – clean kills only.