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ibsonOne came from a game in which they massacred the rival tatically, yet the final tally was only 1×0. The other from two consecutive victories, one of 4×0 on a derby against Vasco, the other 2×1 against a much weaker team. Yet the 2×1 felt like a defeat, because it got them disqualified in the Brazil Cup. We all expected a great game, for both teams were playing reallly well.

The game sucked. It was ugly, truncated, an European game without the South Americans and the Africans. It would have ended 0x0 – if it wasn’t for an own goal.

There are things that only happen to Botafogo.

Flamengo is the champion of the second stage of Campeonato Carioca- the State of Rio’s Tournament – the Taça Rio, for the 7th time only. We don’t like Taça Rio very much, we are more of first stage guys – 18 times. But this year we didn’t get the Taça Guanabara, so the Taça Rio is more than welcome.

We are in the final. Against Botafogo, champion of the first stage. Oddly enough led by the coach whom we beat in the last two years. He helmed Botafogo then.

Botafogo’s coach is Ney Franco, who was the Flamengo coah two years ago. When we beat Botafogo. It’s like Bizarro World.taca-rioThe left one is ours. The right one, it’s a matter of time.