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ahmadinejadFollowing World War II, they resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering. They sent migrants from Europe, the United States and other parts of the world in order to establish a totally racist government in the occupied Palestine. In fact, in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe, they helped bring to power the most cruel and repressive racist regime in Palestine.”

What part of this is not true? Was the “War of Liberation” of Israel a National Liberation struggle from Palestinian oppression? No. The modern State of Israel was founded by Britain and funded by the U.S. in a effort to deal with what the time they called “The Jewish Question.” They were trying to get rid of Jews, but crass antisemitism was passé after Hitler. Leave the palestinians to handle it.

Ahmadinejad is not the nicest person in the world, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is a repressive, reactionary regime. So are Israel and the United States – the difference is a measure of levels.The systemic killing and destruction of the livelyhood of the people of Palestine is one of the major humanitarian crisis of the century and the past century, and nothing – absolutely nothing – can justify the actions of the State of Israel against the civilians in Palestine.

Ahmadinejad ate up the right wing Zionist bullcrap that the Holocaust is a get-out-of-jail-free card for the horrors committed by the State of Israel against Palestine. The Holocaust was not the doing of Palestine – why should Palestine suffer for the actions of another. Why was the “international community” that watched passively while Romany, Jews, Communists and queer people were massacred in the concentration camps never held accountable for their inaction? Had Hitler kept his expansionist dreams under reign, the Jewish population surviving in Germany would have been nil. The “final solution” was not the cause of the involvement in the war – political and economic interests were.

So Mahmoud comes out and says the Holocaust might not have happened – crass, stupid and typical of a populist megalomaniac. Yet credit should be given were credit is due – what he said about the State of Israel is right on.


P.S. – The difference between Holocaust denial and denial of Jenin? A matter of scales.