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whats-my-name-foolNo more apologies! We want a better world, but also a perfect goal, a touchdown and a homerun. Leftists that love sports are all around you – and now they have Web sites. (yes, besides the leftwinger, of course)

On the more sports heavy side, check Dave Z’s Edge of Sports from the author of the delicious book What’s my Name, Fool and the new A People’s History of Sports in the United States.

And from friends and comrades, check out Harjit Singh Gill’s Planes for Baskets who recently came out in his sports fan side. Welcome to the fold, my friend, even though you’re a Barcelona fan.

And not to forget 50 Megaton Paper Tiger a post-race doomsday detonation of SF Giants homeruns and simple words that suck the reactionary right out of any liberal.

Closer to home, Under the Blue Banner will tell about Earthquakes soccer. Period. Feel free to cry because there won’t be any apologies or justifications on why, nor even a sentence about Camus being the goalie for Racing Universitaire Algerois.

And if you understand Portuguese (which you should) – Anarcorinthians gets it half right. Good politics, wrong team.