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26botaIn the first match of a two legged game, it was a typical Flamengo vs. Botafogo derby. Not necessariry with the best technique, but an open air war. And could only have ended like most of the last confrontations in the past four years between these two have ended – in a draw.

Flamengo started better and scored a goal in the beggining of the game from a penalty kick. And then it did what it has been doing for the past three years and that it pissed me off every single time – it slowed down. No game can be considered won with a one-nil score, unless is over.

They came at us and turn it around. 2×1. They were dominating the game, and we were scrambling, unorganized trying to score and leaving the defense wide open. But then, Botafogo’s legendary bad luck came into play, and their two star attackers got injured at the same time. The second stringers came in and they are hella shit. We start taking the game over again, and then, it happened again. Flamengo’s number 8 Willians tries to cross the ball in front of the Botafogo’s goal. The ball hits their defender Emerson (number 3, the same from the own goal on the last game) and kills any chance of  defense from their goalie. 2×2. End of the first game, which means that no one has an advantage coming next Sunday.

By the way, their main player – Maicossuel, number 10 – is down for the count. The injury is too severe, he wont be able to play for another month. Reinaldo, their other injured player, was given a 50/50 chance of playing Sunday by Botafogo’s doctors.

There are things that only happen to Botafogo.