Marcelinho Carioca

Another round of the Brasileirão. Internacional leads with 100% after having won two derbies in a row (Corinthians 0x1  and 2×0 Palmeiras). The biggest upset was first division new-comer Santo André’s win in a away game against Coritiba, which was preserving some of their first stringers for the Brazil Cup quarter-finals game on Wednesday (Score: Coritiba 2×4 Santo André.) On top of that, with a goal by 37 year-old Marcelinho Carioca (Who knows, maybe we just try to bring him back to Flamengo? heheh)

The Scores:

Atlético-MG 2×1 Grêmio

Flamengo 0x0 Avaí

Coritiba 2×4 Santo André

Internacional 2×0 Palmeiras

São Paulo 2×2 Atlético-PR

Santos 3×3 Goiás

Barueri 0x0 Fluminense

Botafogo 0x0 Corinthians

Vitória 1×0 Sport

Náutico 2×0 Cruzeiro

… all the while, in Flamengo

brandAnother game, no goals.

298 minutes of absolute nothingness.

Our forwards are shit, we’ve known that for a long time. The coach knows that, the other teams know that. Our offensive strength for the pass three years have been our wingers, Juan (Left Winger) and Léo Moura (Right Winger). It got old, everybody knew that if you could neutralize the wingers, we had no way of getting the ball to the front.

But now Our mid-field is extremely capable. The get the ball all the way to the front, nice, round balls. But we have no man fixed in the area. The coach always put Emerson (who is a decent second-forward, the man that rounds the area) as if he a was a number 9 (the centroavante – the fixed area man). He doesn’t have the strength or the height for the position, so even if the ball gets close, is hard to him to put it in. and then, instead of another forward, he put a midfielder like Zé Roberto, Éverton or Erick Flores, as a second forward.

The result. Our forwards don’t score. Now that the midfielders are not scoring, we haven’t score in three games. Against Cruzeiro, we played better, dominated the game – but couldn’t score even with them playing with ten player for almost the whole game, and the got scored on twice and lost the game.

Against Internacional, the team the media picked as “the best of Brazil” right now, we anulled their forwards and midfielder, dominated that game, and couldn’t score. result 0x0 home game.

Then against Avaí, who has not been in the first division in 35 years (!), we were nervous, disorganized and didn’t score. Result: 0x0 home game, a tie with the taste of defeat.


Why can't you score, Josiel!?