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Parreira, the coach that took Brazil to its fourth World Cup, left Fluminense through the back door, being fired for a a poor performance of a expensive but badly thought-out set of players. Fluminense has, for the first time, entered the relegation zone, joining Botafogo and making Flamengo the only team from Rio that is doing reasonably well.

Internacional, on the other hand, has lost the lead on the tournament to Atlético Mineiro, after a series of bad games starting with the 4×0 lost against Flamengo in which yours truly had the honor and the pleasure of seeing Adriano performing a hat-trick on the year’s darling team of the sports media.

Alexis and me in Maracanã, watching Adriano and Emerson cream Inter.

Alexis and me in Maracanã, watching Adriano and Emerson cream Inter.

The surprise of this tournament is Vitória, from Bahia. While normally having a decent performance, Vitória is not a team that stays on the top half for very long, but this tournament it has not left the top four a single round yet and it just creamed Santos 6×2. This Santos squad, by the way, is almost a bigger dishonor to Pelé’s legacy than Pelé opening his mouth. Almost.

Here are the scores for this round

Avaí 1×2 Botafogo

Barueri 3×1 Coritiba

Palmeiras 4×1 Náutico

São Paulo 2×2 Flamengo

Atlético-PR 3×2 Internacional

Grêmio 3×0 Corinthians

Cruzeiro 0x3 Atlético-MG

Fluminense 0x1 Santo André

Vitória 6×2 Santos

Sport 1×0 Goiás

… all the while, in Flamengo…

popimageWe tied a game we should have won, Even though it was an away game, against the team that won the last three national tournaments, and we had 6 important players unable to play. We destroyed them tactically, and had the uphand twice, but lacked the kill instinct to finish. Also, we lacked Emerson, and the Sheik, as he is nicknamed, would have swallowed São Paulo’s weak ass defense whole. Anyway,  they are celebrating, we are pissed and life goes on.

P.S.: New jersey, new brand. There was a quiet boycott to Nike going on, and as soon as Nike left, Olympikus (the new brand) sold 240.000 jerseys in two weeks.

Beat that, Brazil!