This is Andrade. The legend, the giant, the unstoppable juggernaut.

He was one of the best midfielders to ever grace the Brazilian and Italian fields, and one of the people that most proudly wore the red and black colors. He was part of the amazing 1981 Flamengo squad, that humiliated Liverpool F.C. in a 3×0 match at the National Stadium in Tokyo for the Intercontinental Cup.

After Flamengo’s fourth win of a Brasileirão in 1987, when again Andrade was considered the best player of the tournament, he went to play for the Brazil National Team in 1988, where he scored one of the most beautiful goals of his career in a friendly against Austria, in Viena. He went to play for AS Roma, for a short while, and return to play for the poor thing, as a final act of mercy.

After playing for other minor teams, including a team named Operário F.C. (Worker Football Club), he retired in 1995 to then return home to become Flamengo’s in-house assistant coach, helping many sucessful and not-so-sucessful coaches.

Then Cuca, Flamengo’s coach, was fired.

Andrade was put as the temporary coach and at first destroyed the false taboo that Flamengo had never won against Santos in its home turf – the Vila Belmiro (while tecnically true, it forgets that for a while Santos was hosting it games not in Vila Belmiro but in Morumbi, São Paulo stadium, where Fla whopped them a few times, including a majestic Santos 1×5 Fla).

andrade2He went on to beat then tournament leader Atlético Mineiro, only to tie against last place Náutico at a home game. Now the official coach of Flamengo, Andrade knows that this team, crippled by the lost of giants like full-back Fábio Luciano (retired) and defensive midfielder Ibson (who went, against his will, to play in Russia),  will face an uphill battle to try and get placed at least amongst the top 4 by the end of the Brasileirão. The difference is, whatever happens, Andrade knows that he has over 35 million people rooting ofr him, for his success and the return of the incredible, amazing Tromba, even if this time he is outside the four magical lines.

Andrade’s games as coach so far:

Santos 1×2 Flamengo

Flamengo 3×1 Atlético Mineiro

Flamengo 1×1 Náutico

Goiás 3×2 Flamengo