ebe295e9-50bd-43ba-9138-d0a0ccc23824Dunga’s Brazil doesn’t play nice. It plays an ugly, bureaucratic anti-brazilian game. But it is consistent, is very well organized in the defense, and has a efficient, if sometimes terribly pinchfisted with its delivery. It plays only to win, never to dazzle.

Argentina, on the other hand, has the potential to become an amazing football team. Its midfield is one of the most technical and skilled Argentina has seen in a long time (and Brazil too). But it cannot play as a team, is discombobulated, dependent on individual merit and flashes of brilliance by Messi.

Argentina’s defense is a joke of bad taste. Is it possible that no a single Argentine defender is taller than 5 foot 4″ or that knows that it is necessary to cover players next to the goal? Specially if that player is Luisão, the tallest guy on the pitch! The second Brazilian goal was also a defensive mistake, also of positioning. The Argentine goal was an example that everybody makes defensive mistakes, and when Brazil did it, it allowed Dátolo to send a torpedo that was impossible for Julio César to reach.

As for the third Brazilian goal, what the hell is Ottamendi? By the same token, Sebá? Heinze?

And I thought Maradona had quit drugs.


By the way, for the game against Chile: Júlio César, Juan, André Dias and André Santos; Felipe Melo and Diego Souza; Diego Tardelli e Adriano. All ex-flamengo players in the recent years and left in bad sells. The base of the Brazilian national team reflects  the incompetence of Flamengo’s administration.