lfrei-500x375And they are coming on up.

Under a torrential rain (again) Botafogo won another one and got off the relegation zone for now. Better yet, they beat 4th place Atlético Mineiro 3×1, giving a helping hand to Flamengo to get to the top 4 by keeping them stuck at 47 points.

São Paulo saw its hope for their 7th national title fly away when they unexpectedly tied with Coritiba at home – actually they were pretty close to losing the game. However, not to be outclassed, leader Palmeiras also fucked up and almost lost a home game against Avaí. Fluminense is trying really hard to stay in the botttomless pit they find themselves and tied a home game against an apathetic Corinthians, who has no aspirations left in this tournament. This was the wound of ties.

Flamengo, to close to whole shabang, started winning the away game against Vitória, and then let Vitória revert the score to 3×2, only to tie the game in the last possibible minute and bring home that important point. Because, when dealing with Flamengo, everything is almost a heart attack.

Round 29th started on Saturday, but there will be not games on Sunday because we are supposed to watch Brasil x Bolívia, a game in which neither side cares, but has taken the best and the brightest out of the Brasileirão for two crucial rounds – Adriano being the biggest loss.