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0,,26491830-DP,00Petkovic is a Jedi Master.

The game Saturday against São Paulo was one of those games that would end very well or very badly. We started the game aggressively, hounding the São Paulo area and making their goalie work. But we didn’t had Adriano (thank you one more time, Dunga), and Denis Marques have not found the way to score yet. So while we kicked towards the goal 12 times in the first half, São Paulo kicked once. But their one time made into the net.

Andrade took Denis Marques out, fixed our midfield and left the team without a center-forward, a lighter and normally risky formation. But it worked. Jorge Wagner kicked Toró in the area, and the ref gave the penalty. Petkovic scored á la Panenka, after the first miss had to be repeated because their goalie moved forward. Petkovic, again, gave Zé Roberto a milimetric pass between the stunned São Paulo defense, and Zé wasted no time to send their goalie scurrying for the ball inside the net. Flamengo 2×1 Evil Empire.

Fluminense won, an away game, yet it didn’t leave the 20th and last place, because Sport tied and held on to the 19th place. Botafogo tied, but stayed outside the relegation zone. All in all, of the 10 game we had 4 ties, which is a pretty high number.

To make this round even sweeter, leader Palmeiras went to the northeast and came back with a 3×0 loss against 18th placed Náutico. Actually, none of the five team above Flamengo won this weekend. They better remember with Flamengo is always DCF (deixou chegar, fudeu*)

*If you let us get close, you’re fucked