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They are the most hated men in football and, in Brazil, they are working overtime to justify all that hate.

The crop of refs from this Brasileirão are the saddest bunch of insecure and arrogant bastards that ever graced the green fields. They fuck up, and insist in the error – to the detriment of the spectacle and the game.

On Wednesday, the first game of this round relegated the first team of this tournament and practically took out Palmeiras as a contender for the title. But the main name of the game was the ref Elmo Resende.

Sport started the game with dazzling speed, taking over the field in Palmeiras home turf. By the 30 min of the first half, Sport was winning 2-nil in front of an unbelieving Palestra Itália Stadium. In the second half, as discombobulated Palmeiras tried a reaction, scoring a goal in the first 20 minutes. An close to the end, they scored a second one, guaranteeing one point with the tie and sealing Sport’s fate to relegation.

It woudl have been a nice story, if wasn’t for the man in yellow. This poor fellow was so nervous that he saw offsides in the Palmeiras goal and blew the whistle before the play was concluded. Then he look up from his ass to the linesman and realized that he, who’s job is to call offsides and things of that nature, had not raised his flag. Sport’s defense had stopped, Palmeiras had send the ball to the net, and the ref started shitting his pants. He recalled the ref last week who invalidated a legit goal by Palmeiras and how much shit he got for that, so he ran to the center of the field, validating the goal. The shits hits the fan hard, Sport’s players are in open revolt, and it doesn’t get worse only because it was a call in favor of the home team, so the fans hardly complained.

It is a pattern, the horrible quality of the refs, from Brazil to whomever was reffing the game with the outrageous handball by Tierry Henry against Ireland. Refs are hated, and then they make it worse. That’s football.


Palmeiras 2×2 Sport
São Paulo 2×0 Vitória
Coritiba 2×1 Atlético-MG
Cruzeiro 1×1 Grêmio
Barueri 3×0 Botafogo
Náutico 0x2 Flamengo
Avaí 3×1 Corinthians
Internacional 3×1 Santos
Fluminense 2×1 Atlético-PR
Goiás 3×1 Santo André

…All the while, in Flamengo…

We won, São Paulo won, so everything is the same, them two points ahead of us. We are hoping they’ll lose to Botafogo this weekend, so with a victory we would end up in first place. Like every other game in this green earth, the ref fucked up, by questioning the linesman call of an offsides in Náutico’s goal, then stopping the game for 4 FRIKKIN’ MINUTES to ask the opinion of the linesman, the other linesman, the fourth referee, his momma and my momma for good measure, and then finally annulling the (illegitimate) goal. Fucking refs.

More info on the game can be found at the FIFA’s Web site