I’ve been working like the burro in the picture, and have had not time to write anything. I got a couple of things lined up though. So, probably starting this weekend, there will be a lot of posts. These are some of the subjects:

  1. A post on Andrade and racism in Flamengo as requested by Bobbygee who probably read my mind cuz I was itching to talk about that.
  2. Another one praising the fans of the poor thing for, as always, being in the forefront in the fight against racism in Brazilian football.
  3. A complete telling of the last round of the Brasileirão, including commentary about the Coritiba fans’ riot that led to 14 people being hospitalized and left one cop dead – and of course, the historic Sixth Brasileirão on Flamengo’s belt!
  4. A follow-up on the question of strategy for Anarchists.
  5. The beginnings of a new fiction story…

For right now… I wish I was this guy down in the video, and could just fuck up my warehouse like he did.