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This is a translation of a post by Maurício Neves in the Flamengonet Blog.

Flamengo will go into the field while Rio mourn her dead. Amidst rubble and tears, Flamengo will go into the field. Public employees, at this moment, work at Maracanã cleaning up for a game that will start in less than 4 hours.

In this moment, there are estimated 200 people missing, and flamengo will go into the field. There are homes at risk, people made homeless, people buried in the rubble. Firefighters dig, roll up the bodies in black tarp, and TV reporter Ana Paula just announces that more victims were found in Niterói.

There no way to think about football, and Flamengo will go into the field arguing that there are no other dates. The Libertadores can stop for the World Cup but it can’t stop in respect to human beings.

Thirty firefighters will be in Maracanã. Thirty firefighters that should have been searching for the missing people, all because the Conmebol, Flamengo and Universidad say that there are no other dates.

What there isn’t anymore is respect and solidarity. This game Flamengo has already lost, even in trash the Chileans 10-nil. And for those that, like me, was used to seeing Flamengo as a club of solidarity, a club that got Pelé to wear its jersey to help people after a tragedy, this is the worse defeat.