Brazil is back.

It has been hiding behind the “practical” football of Dunga, the football ugliness and fear. The game of beauty and courage is back, and thank you very much Mano Menezes. The courage to pick an offensive Brazil, with a light, fast midfield, with players that love the dribble and the play, without a single brute to “destroy” – for that we thank you, Mano.

After the Dutch debacle, I was asked if I was sad about the loss, I realized I really, deep inside, wasn’t. Because the Brazil of Dunga was a thing of ungainly pedantism, a fordist ideology for football, destroying the little skill available in the pitch on the altar of victory at any cost. So that the idol is dead and buried is something for rejoicing.

The new Brazil debuted against the World Cup faux-sensation, the U.S.A. in the New Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey. Brazil was nervous and made us nervous at moments for lacking the truculence in the defense characteristic of the Dunga era. But it brought delight with its dribbling, the passes and the “always forward” attitude. Ganso is a deserving wearer of the 10 once worn by Pele and by the greatest of all, Zico. Neymar brought back memories of great lighting fast player like Bebeto and Dada Maravilha. The dazzling dribble he does in the 15 min of the second half for example is an example what we want from Brazil, nothing but the beautiful game.

Joga Bonito!

P.s.: To the commentator from Univision, fuck off for talking about Kaka and others of his ilk as “reinforcements” for Brazil.