Crunchy Life Bites

Crunchy Life Bites is a comic strip I used to put out when I was at the student newpaper at De Anza Community College – La Voz. I got many hate letters from the right at De Anza, I even use to have a quota of hate mail per quarter. I always met my quota.

They are not in any chronological order.


This is a comic I wrote after it came out that Schwarzenegger had sexually molested all these women, and his response was that it was “playful behavior.” It really pissed me off, but I guess the comic don’t convey how pissed off I was.

clb2The Statewide Student Walkout promoted by Action in Defense of Education might have been not as strong as it could have been, but I still it was a good example of a coordinated statewide action across different tiers of the higher education system, from Community Colleges to CSUs and UCs. [P.S. – Please ignore grammar errors, I was in a deadline and had no time to copy edit]

clb3Written when I was single. For a loooong time. I now think Valentine’s Day is pretty cool. 😉

1 thought on “Crunchy Life Bites”

  1. bay nj 4 solidarity said:

    kap did layout for the nj4 and queer solidarity too. coz he’s cool and superb.

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