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pet12So last post I joked about bringing 37-year-old Marcelinho Carioca back to Flamengo.

And what does the Flamengo president does? Announces the hiring of 36-year-old Dejan Petkovic.

I love Petkovic to death. The Serbian is imprinted in my head as the maker of one of my fondest Flamengo moments – the conquest of the 2001 state championship, the third one in a row against Vasco. One of the most beautiful free kicks I’ve ever have the pleasure of seeing. When we needed to win the second-leg game by 2 goals, Petkovic creates this masterpiece at the 43rd minute of the second half. Watch the video in the end to see the victory goal.

But, seriously, our dear Pet is not the same. His last passages through Fluminense and Atlético Mineiro showed everybody that the old warhorse is feeling the weight of the years.

Granted, the reason for the hiring of Petkovic is purely economic. Flamengo owes him a good deal of money, and 15% of all home game revenue would go straight to him. Since he wanted to end his career in Flamengo, a deal was struck to diminish the debt and stop the confiscation of the revenue.

In that point, is great. If he comes in and proves he can still play, he would be a great asset, because him and Adriano are the examples of the types of players we need – a intelligent attacking midfielder and a striker. Let’s please just not sacrifice what’s best for the team for what’s best for Pet.

Welcome back, old warrior. I hope you’re even more successful now than back then.